Day 95: Invasion of the Body Snatchers!  

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Today's Task: 2/28

"Learn to identify the aliens among us."

If you haven't seen They Live or Invasion of the Body Snatchers, crawl out from under that rock and get to your nearest video rental store. Before it's too late!!!

Here are a few of the quick signs for those of you who haven't sent in for your sunglasses yet:

Dead Eyes - Aliens have glazed, expressionless eyes because they are a front for their real powers of ESP.
Closed Mouth - The same as above applies to mouths. Since they do not need to speak, they have no need for mouths. When they do speak it is usually akward and forced.
Flaring Nostrils - Aliens use their nostrils to eat your souls and snatch your body. If one comes near you flaring their face holes, run!
Ears Oozing Green Goo - This is a sign that the alien has already stolen someone's body. Since they do not fit comfortably into human skins, sometimes they will leak out of the ears.

If you happen to spot an alien today, do not let them know you know because they will know that you know. Afterall, they have ESP. So don't even THINK about aliens.

Day 94: Electromagnetism  

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Today's Task: 2/27

"Avoid all electromagnetic appliances."

According to this site, electromagnetic fields can be dangerous in large doses. However, according to this chart, you have to stand pretty close to an appliance fairly consistently for it to harm you.

This in mind, it is still recommended that you cut back on usage of things like cellphones, computers and televisions to reregulate your body. If you are like me and both work and play in front of a computer screen nonstop, it's best if we take breaks to get away from the screen for about 15 minutes at a time and sit at least 2.5-3 feet from the screen. I find that having a wireless keyboard or a keyboard tray which rolls out helps keep your distance from the monitor. Also, newer flat screen moniors emit less energy, so, you could just be green concious when you purchase your new PC.

Here's hoping you all have a headache-free Friday!

Day 93: Cosmic Humility  

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Today's Task: 2/26

"Learn some humility in the fact that you even exist."

The universe is huge. Whether you think God(s) made it or a gaseous collision of epic proportions or maybe even a little of both theories, the fact remains that we, humanity, are but a wee peck amongst the eons of stars and galaxies and unmapped darkness in the vast universe.

No matter your creation theory, we are here through a miracle. And when we are gone, what will become of so vast a place? Do we really have an impact? Probably not. BUT! we can change our small space, that around us, for the better. We may only be a miniscule planet among billions, but it's OUR planet.

Don't give up on your dreams because you can't change everything, just focus on the things you can change and work outwards. Change yourself first, then work on making an impression on the rest of the planet. :)

Day 92: Last Will and Testament  

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Today's Task: 2/25

"Write your will."

Too many people wait until the literal last moment to compose their wills. As a result, greedy relatives end up filing lawsuits and lawyers fill their pockets. Spare your loved ones this fate by setting up a simple form to apportion your worldly goods. Worry about your fancy will later. This one is just in case something sudden an unexpected happens. Afterall, you never know.

I appreciate the idea behind this. And had I any "worldly goods" I would surely dispense them evenly. I made a list of my family members. I made an even shorter list of my "stuff". It's not all that debatable at this point. Is this just a "problem" for rich people? I mean, all of my "assests" have a clear owner should I pass away.

Maybe Jorge would steal my book collection but I can't think of anything else worth fighting over...

Day 91: Po-ta-to[e]s  

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Today's Task: 2/24

"Invent a new way to peel potatoes."

The above image aside, most of us peel potatoes the old fashioned way; with a thin blade or a peeler. It's a tiresome and grueling activity which is why people punish jailbirds, war prisoners and insubordiate soldiers with the task. So, today come up with a may to make your life less of a punishment.

My solution is simple.

I wash and eat the skin. :P

Day 90: Currency  

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Today's Task: 2/23

"Help Collapse a Currency."

The Bangladeshi Taka is currently under pressure at 63tk to the USD. If every blogger buys 100 takas this year ($1.56 USD) and then sell them on December 31st at 4:55 pm Bangladeshi time, the taka won't be worth the paper it's printed on!

There were further details but I'm not posting them here. How horrendous! I find the idea an interesting one, but not one I'll be taking part in. Not that I particularly care about Bangladesh one way or another, but that I know there are hardworking people in any country who would be devastated by this exchange collapse. :/

Day 89: Scream  

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Today's Task: 2/22

"Let out a Primal Scream today and unleash all those potential ulcers and aneurysms."

Let it go!

Oh boy did I! I forgot to write a paper for my English class. It wasn't that big a deal, not even worth a grade. It was just a sample writing piece. But I felt like such garbage. I let out a yelp in the empty Quad of Brooklyn College this Sunday.

Then when I got home later, I was playing a game. I had just created a nice piece of weaponry and was swapping it out for and older piece I had been playing with for a while. I knew I could sell it to another player for a lot of money. Then, I accidently sold it.

OMG did I almost break my keyboard. Then I realized I had just thrown away imaginary money so it wasn't THAT big of a deal. Yelling at the pixelated shop owner for a second helped though. :)

Day 88: Biceps  

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Today's Task: 2/21

"Measure your biceps."

Okaaaay... maybe it's because two guys wrote this book but this seems pointless. I'll play along. My biceps are 10.2 inches, flexed. Now if I can get my waist size down to what I'd like by the summer, now THAT'S a goal! :) I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday.

**note** this picture was too adorable!

Day 87: Morse Code  

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Today's Task: 2/20

"Learn and transmit morse code messages today and see if anyone responds."

Wow this sounds fun. I'll try tapping some out with my ring on the train. Maybe even pull that old flashlight out later and see if my neighbors are secret KGB as I secretly suspect they are.

Here are a few phrases I've translated for you:

"Hello. Will you be my friend?"
.... . .-.. .-.. --- .-- .. .-.. .-.. -.-- --- ..- -... . -- -.-- ..-. .-. .. . -. -..

"Today is Friday."
- --- -.. .- -.-- .. ... ..-. .-. .. -.. .- -.--

"I love life!"
.. .-.. --- ...- . .-.. .. ..-. .

"Call me. 867-5309"
-.-. .- .-.. .-.. -- . ---.. -.... --... ..... ...-- ----- ----.

"Are you a spy?"
.- .-. . -.-- --- ..- .- ... .--. -.--

You can also create your own morse code phrases with this site. Have fun!

Day 86: Fear Embraced  

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Today's Task: 2/19

"Go to the wrong side of the tracks."

Wherever you live there is that place. The one they warn you not to venture near after nightfall. The neighborhood, the house, the village everyone whispers and warns you about.

Go there today.

Conquer your fear of the unfamiliar and embrace something new. I'm going to Spanish Harlem later. It always sounds so beautiful in books that I have to wonder whose skewed view told me to fear it. I'm sure the buildings and people there are just as interesting as they've been described. Embrace, Conquer and Quell this fear today and we will all be braver and more open-minded for it.

Day 85: Balloons  

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Today's Task: 2/18

"Release a [helium filled] balloon with a personal message inside."

I'll have to try this one on the weekend seeing as how I don't have helium tanks just sitting around my house. :) I do, however, have a ton of balloons imprinted with a particular logo protesting a particular cult. So maybe I'll put some anti-cult information in there. Maybe just a web address.

Or maybe my email so the loonies can finally track me down after thirteen months of trying. I love you guys!

Day 84: Johnny Appleseed  

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Today's Task: 2/17

"Plant an apple tree; bury a core."

I'm not sure if this would really work. I've planted lots of things in my days but always from seeds or saplings, never a half-eaten apple chunk. It should work, in theory, and I would love to see the pretty flowers which blossom even on the unpollinated trees. According to the DIY site, you actually need two trees if you want apples from them. Wow. You learn something new every day. :)

Day 83: Time Zones?  

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Today's Task: 2/16

"Demonstrate the arbitrary nature of timezones and call someone from a different timezone to explain to them why it's ridiculous that you should sleep at opposite hours of the day."

Though I'm sure that anyone in Argentina or Greece would love to hear from me at a quarter past midnight on a weekday, I don't think I'll be doing this task, ever.

I do agree with the authors' intended ideal. It is pretty arbitrary that one half of the earth "shuts down" while the other is awake and working. Anyone who's done international business can vouch for this. With "morning" conference calls to Beijing at 8pm.

Granted it is natural or should I say deeply instilled for us to fear the darkness that comes with sunset and not choose to do certain business tasks during the darker and colder moments of the day. Can you just imagine rush hour at 4 am? Maybe we'd be more efficent if every place everywhere were open 24 hours instead of the usual 9 or 10. There would certainly be more jobs to fill. Hmm...

Now if only the banks would have hours like the hospitals...

Day 82: Lotus  

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Today's Task: 2/15

"Sit in the Lotus Position for 30 minutes today and be at peace."

For anyone wondering what or how this poition is done, see the image above. In some circles it is believed that sitting this way correctly aligns your spirit or chakra or ki and you will be at peace and better able to meditate or reflect. I've tried it and it is pretty relaxing if you have the proper enviroment to accompany the sitting. Though, to be honest, I get the same sort of peace with a good book and a comfy bed.

So, if you're too sore, or too busy to find a secluded spot for 30 minutes of lotus sitting, at least take 5 minutes out of your day to lock yourself in the bathroom or the garage (any place the kids and dogs can't follow!) and just RELAX. You deserve it.

Day 81: Nature  

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Today's Task: 2/14

"Embrace nature."

What a wonderful task for Valentine's Day! Get outside, love something besides humanity. Still, we're all a part of nature, so, I had fun reinterpretting this one in my Chemistry class Saturday morning. I "embraced nature" by becoming overwhelmingly amazed at how awesome it is that such minute things like covalent bonds and atomic-level chemical reactions can decide who and what we are. Be it helium or human, we're all just protons, neutrons and electrons. If that doesn't make you feel closer to all of nature, I don't know what else to say. :)

Day 80: Wickerman  

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Today's Task: 2/13

"Begin eating a piece of furniture."

This task is sufficiently creepy for a Friday the 13th! According to the direction in the book, all you need is a nail file, a piece of unfinished wooden furniture and about eighty years worth of patience. File off a small amount of sawdust and sprinkle it on top of your food. Try this every day for the next eighty years or until the entire piece is digested.


I don't know if I'm willing to try this one. Though I'm sure the pencils I've gnawed since childhood all add up to at least an ottoman's worth of lumber, I don't think I can knowingly devour wood chips. Anyone willing to do this one? Let me know how it goes. :)

Day 79: Daily Expert  

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Today's Task: 2/12

"Become an expert on today's news."

The goal is that by midnight tonight you will know more about today's news than anyone else. Read the papers, search the news groups. Read. Read. Read. Here's a quick list of some of today's facts that you can find and memorize. (I'll fill them in as I find them today.)

- Weather in Zambia today is... cloudy and in the mid 70s.
- The number of wars in progress today is... about 35 though some sources claim as many as 65.
- World population today (at 9:08 am EST) is... 6,760,060,640
- Sports team who won is... UNC beat Duke
- Current celebrity scandal is... Chris v. Rhianna in a post-Grammy brawl
- Jerry Springer topic today is... "Woman Cheats on Husband"
- Number of astronauts in space today... 17
- Lottery results in Colorado today...
5 10 22 45 49. Powerball:. 37. Power Play:. 2.
- Moon-Earth distance (at 9:08 am EST) is... 385,087 km
- Leo horoscope... "Your eagerness to aggressively defend your perspective can complicate things even more. Don't be so quick to fight for your beliefs."
- Number of birthdays today is... ~4 Billion

If you find anything interesting today, share it. :)

Day 78: PC Police  

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Today's Task: 2/11

"Find out how politically correct your circle of friends is."

Well, since I'm not one to advocate any sort of reverse-racism or affirmative action in a personal relationship, I don't find the author's suggestion that we "remedy" any lacking ethnic group to be a realistic one. Especially since I have all of 3 maybe 5 people whom I consider close friends and they are hispanic and european simply because I was raised in San Antonio, Texas. And given the anonymity of the internet, there are people I speak with on a daily basis and have no idea of their race. So to assume I'm purposely excluding a certain race and not taking into account where I live or my work and school schedules, it's an unfair assesment for me or anyone else.

Make friends because you like them. Not because some political guilt group bullied you into faking it.

Day 77: Logo  

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Today's Task: 2/10

"Design your own logo."

In today's fast paced society, it's all about branding. If you want to get your name out there you need something easy to recognize and even easier to reproduce. Plaster it all over your mugs, t-shirts and luggage. Tell the world who you are and let them know where you've been!

In the interest of this task, I started a Google search of my primary initials, SCA, to get a foothold on the competition. What I found was actually kind of interesting. Distracting even! The companies below have SCA as their initials as well. And some of their logos aren't half bad.

Society for Creative Anachronism
Student Conservation Association
Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

I eventually came up with something all my own. That's the image above. :) Show me your logos people!

Day 76: If The Shoe Fits...  

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Today's Task: 1/9

"Wear shoes which are too tight/small today and experience the relief that comes with removing them this evening."

Had I not already done this for ten hours at ComicCon on Saturday, and were my feet not already feeling the agony of this costume decision, I would do this task. Sorry Benrick, but I jumped the gun on this one. My feet DID feel good after I took those boots off, but now it hurts to walk. THANKS!

Goodluck to the rest of you stepsisters out there, but I doubt wedging our feet into uncomfortable shoes will really win us any princes. -_^

Day 75: Gino's  

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Today's Task: 2/8

"Go to Gino's or make plans to go there someday."

At first glance, I thought this was our Gino's up here in Brooklyn. Turns out, it's this place in Baton Rouge, Louisianna. The awesome part is that I already have plans to go to New Orleans in August for Siggraph so I'll definately have to make plans to eat at this place on of those nights. I'm pretty sure I'll be pining for some good Italian food after a week of creole and lobster. Well... maybe. :)

To make reservations or to drop in for some reportedly delicious and authentic Italian meals, go to:

4542 Benningtoin Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
tel: 225-927-715

Day 74: Express Yourself  

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Today's Task: 2/7
"Express your views today!"

Unfortunately for you readers, I was at Comic Con all day Saturday. However, you should feel completely free to express yourself on any given day. Honest Expression is a dying art in this day and age of political correctness and its rampant censorship of free thought.

If you hate something, admit it. If you love something, scream it from the rooftops. Do not fear rejection nor acceptance. Just love who you are and someone on this crazy planet will love you for it in return.

Day 73: Get a Hobby  

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Today's Task: 2/6

"Today is the first day of your new hobby, make it memorable!"

The book has a list of hobby suggestions ranging from safe to scandalous. They are as follows (I've included links to start-up resources):

Build a houseboat.

Find subliminal messages in heavy metal.

Write a fake memoir.

Drink one glass of every wine ever bottled.

Collect something (eBay!)

Garner income from crops.

Count other people's teeth.

Attempt to grow another limb.

Take up storm chasing.

See every film an actor of your choice has been in.

Read a book in every language it's been printed in.

Fun fact: Dr. Suess' works have been printed in over 70 languages!

As for myself, I have taken up completing the 1000 Novels Everyone Should Read list. So far, I've already read 196, so I think that's a nice chunk to start the hobby off with! Movies don't count, so I have 36 films I'll have to read including Breakfast at Tiffany's which, lucky for me, is assigned reading in my American Fiction class.

Day 72: Closure Day  

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Today's Task: 2/5

"Seek closure in something from your childhood."

Apologize to a sibling for pulling their hair in third grade. Get that CD back from your best friend. Finish the game collecting dust by your N64. Throw away those love letters from High School. Today's the day to let go and move on.

I think there's someone out there I need to send an email to. She knows who she is. I still love her. :)

Day 71: New Places  

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Today's Task: 2/4

"Discover a new place today."

As the book suggests, I took my train an extra stop this morning and made the walk back. Another option you have is simply walking to a place you normally drive or driving a little further and trying a different gas station/diner/megamart. Who knows, you might be missing out on something amazing.

I found out there's a Starbucks near my office that I never knew about and about three more places to buy a slice of pizza. It's too bad I gave up the SB, but the pizza places have a new customer. There's also a neat little park behind the elementary school. I'll have to investigate it further once the weather brightens up. Anyone else find anything new today?

Day 70 - Psychopath?  

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Today's Task: 2/3

"Take Benrick's test to find out if you are a Psychopath.*"

For more accurate** results, have a friend answer these questions about you rather than answering them yourself.


0 pts: I never possess this trait.

2 pts: I have my good days and my bad days.

4 pts: That's me to a "T" Jack!


How often does this trait define you?

1. Glibness/ Superficial Charm

2. Grandiose Sense of Self Worth

3. Boredom / Need for Stimulation

4. Pathological Lying

5. Cunning, Manipulative Behavior

6. Lack of Remorse

7. Monotone Voice and Blank Expression

8. Lack of Empathy

9. Parasitic Lifestyle

10. Poor Behavioral Control

11. Promiscuity

12. Childhood Behavior Problems

13. Lack of Realistic Long-Term Plans

14. Impulsiveness

15. Irresponisible Behavior

16. Failure to Accept Consequences

17. Multiple Marriages

18. Juvenile Delinquency

19. Callousness

20. Criminal Versatility


0-20: Gee Whiz, you're a boring kid..burn some ants already!

21-40:You haven't let your wild youth define you as an adult, but it does make for some interesting dinner conversation.

41-60: At least you had a friend left to take this test for you.. wait.. you DID let them leave the room before you read this, right? If you're the friend, RUN!

61-80: Surrender yourself to the police immediately.

*This test cannot actually measure your affinity for collecting body parts or talking to yourself.

**Unless your friend is a lying weasel.

For the curious, I scored a 23. I've fantasized about a life of crime knowing I am smart enough and capable enough, but I don't have the callousness or coldheartedness to hurt other people for a living. Lucky for you all! :P

Day 69 - Downsizing  

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Today's Task: 2/2 Happy Groundhog Day!

"Downsize your life: fire the unnecessary people from your daily routine and save yourself some money."

Hmm... I don't have a personal butcher or dry cleaner to fire. But I did decide to say goodbye to my Starbucks Barrista. I'll miss her. She's been an asset to my life, but I've found a Colombian who's half the cost and twice as efficient. She's a smart girl, with devlish mocha talents, I'm sure she'll find another person who needs her twice as much. :)

Day 68 - Hairy Ordeal  

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Today's Task: 2/1

"Choose one hair on your body to never cut."

Lol... this task was so strange! I've decided to modify it for myself and attempt to NOT bite my nails for as long as possible. To stay with the spirit of the original task, I have to chosen to avoid my left pinky nail at all costs, even if I end up biting the others. If this task actually gets me to stop biting my nails after 18 years... I will by Benrick's new book. *I swear*