Day 82: Lotus  

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Today's Task: 2/15

"Sit in the Lotus Position for 30 minutes today and be at peace."

For anyone wondering what or how this poition is done, see the image above. In some circles it is believed that sitting this way correctly aligns your spirit or chakra or ki and you will be at peace and better able to meditate or reflect. I've tried it and it is pretty relaxing if you have the proper enviroment to accompany the sitting. Though, to be honest, I get the same sort of peace with a good book and a comfy bed.

So, if you're too sore, or too busy to find a secluded spot for 30 minutes of lotus sitting, at least take 5 minutes out of your day to lock yourself in the bathroom or the garage (any place the kids and dogs can't follow!) and just RELAX. You deserve it.

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Hi Sara,

I liked your one minute comment.


February 17, 2009 at 10:06 AM

<3 Thank you Butternut!

February 17, 2009 at 10:37 AM

i sat in the lotus position for the prescribed 30 minute period...but then, unfortunately, i had to call 911 and AAA to get my fat arse up and outta the lotus position (the 45 dollar hookup fee i thought was rather unreasonable)

February 11, 2011 at 1:43 AM

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