Day 73: Get a Hobby  

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Today's Task: 2/6

"Today is the first day of your new hobby, make it memorable!"

The book has a list of hobby suggestions ranging from safe to scandalous. They are as follows (I've included links to start-up resources):

Build a houseboat.

Find subliminal messages in heavy metal.

Write a fake memoir.

Drink one glass of every wine ever bottled.

Collect something (eBay!)

Garner income from crops.

Count other people's teeth.

Attempt to grow another limb.

Take up storm chasing.

See every film an actor of your choice has been in.

Read a book in every language it's been printed in.

Fun fact: Dr. Suess' works have been printed in over 70 languages!

As for myself, I have taken up completing the 1000 Novels Everyone Should Read list. So far, I've already read 196, so I think that's a nice chunk to start the hobby off with! Movies don't count, so I have 36 films I'll have to read including Breakfast at Tiffany's which, lucky for me, is assigned reading in my American Fiction class.

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I think the task of actually finishing every book on my bookshelf is task enough for me! I seem to collect and hoard rather than read.

I turned 27 in September and was contemplating a similar challenge. I've always had a list of stuff to do before I'm 30 but time really is ticking away now!

So how are you finding the challenges?

Better go, Cervantes awaits....

February 6, 2009 at 4:29 PM

The tasks are fun so far. I've only come across a handful I didn't feel up to (like eating Asparagus all day) but the majority were exciting. Good luck with Cervates, he's a hard read in English and I'm still dreaming of the day I can reread him in Spanish!

February 11, 2009 at 9:14 AM

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