Day 94: Electromagnetism  

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Today's Task: 2/27

"Avoid all electromagnetic appliances."

According to this site, electromagnetic fields can be dangerous in large doses. However, according to this chart, you have to stand pretty close to an appliance fairly consistently for it to harm you.

This in mind, it is still recommended that you cut back on usage of things like cellphones, computers and televisions to reregulate your body. If you are like me and both work and play in front of a computer screen nonstop, it's best if we take breaks to get away from the screen for about 15 minutes at a time and sit at least 2.5-3 feet from the screen. I find that having a wireless keyboard or a keyboard tray which rolls out helps keep your distance from the monitor. Also, newer flat screen moniors emit less energy, so, you could just be green concious when you purchase your new PC.

Here's hoping you all have a headache-free Friday!

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