Day 36 - Gossip Girl  

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Today's Task: 12/31

"Say nothing, incessantly."

You know, like TMZ does.

Today's been a good day for me. I won an award of sorts from the Blogosphere, the One-Minute Writer of the Day for my "bestest of the bests" writing yesterday. I was gonna link that button/image on my page but couldn't decide where best to display it, so I opted out and decided my big "I Follow This Awesome Blog!" link on the left was enough advertising for Beth.

So, when I think of "nothing" the first thing that came to mind was gossip. And not just ANY gossip but that hollowest of activities, celebrity gossip. And, since I abhor the actiivtiy so much, I choose to scour the funniest and most tounge-in-cheek site I could find. WWTDD (What Would Tyler Durden Do). One of the few sites willing to make fun of celebrities for all their boring and pointless ways. In fact, one of the few celeb gossip sites willing to make fun of other celeb gossip sites.

So here are a few fun, pointless facts for today's task:
  • Kirsten Dunst's nickname on WWTDD is "Snaggletooth".
  • Britney Spear's is "bangable" again but still insane.
  • Tom Cruise is ruining Katie Holmes' life, but she never had one before him anyway so no one but die-hard Dawson's Creek fans and anti-Scientology protestors care.
  • Some chick from East Europe is hot and wearing underwear so every internet nerd with a penis wants to have sex with her but won't.
  • Will Smith is still in denial about his wife's cult.. er.. I mean kooky ass fake religion/pyramid scheme.
  • Angelina Jolie is a good actress but too hot to be taken seriously.
  • Megan Fox needs to make another movie before guys forget how "bangable" she is.
  • Some sports athlete's wife/girlfriend thinks he's cheating on her and he's starting a charity to research the disease his sick kid has.
  • Seasons ended and many coaches and managers were fired for their inability to perform miracles with subpar players.

EXCITING STUFF! Now back to work.

Day 35 - Favors  

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Today's Task: 12/30

"Have people do little tasks and favors for you today."

I'm not one to go about asking people to do things for me since I can do most of them myself. I will, however, see if I can perform a miracle tonight and get my boyfriend to take out the trash. He always seems preoccupied doing something else. Hmpf. I logged off and washed the dishes, and set my brawler aside for a minute to make us dinner.

You don't think I want to come home from work and play MapleStory for 5 hours uninterrupted? :/ Cause I do.

Day 34 - Cease or Resist  

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Today's Task: 12/29

"Write a dictator telling them to stop torture."

Dear David Miscavige,

Your actions speak louder than your lies. The truth will out. Anonymous will hunt you down and you will go to prison for your crimes. I am not asking, I am warning you. We do not forgive We do not forget. Unlike Hubbard, you cannot coward yourself away into hiding. And it will not be your enemies who destroy you in the end. Neither your invisible psychiatry threat or the very real exposure of the truth from Anonymous. No. It will be the people you have scammed. Your own tainted flock. Once more of them get the courage to leave and speak up publically, it will be the end of you.

Fear them. Your victims are banding together and they have a voice now.

In fact, they have several:

Day 33 - Paranormal  

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Today's Task: 12/28

"Be on the lookout for the paranormal today."

Well, I was at a Jets game for most of my day. The weather was oddly nice for late December. A little TOO nice. And the Dolphin fans were everywhere. No way they all flew up to NY from Miami. There were just too many of them. And they seemed impervious to chants of "Ass-Hole! Aaaaaass-hooooole!" Like they had some sort of audioshield up.

And then the game. Oh the game! Brett must have been possessed by one of those body snatchers from Miami. He kept throwing the ball to the wrong team. Though we're already out of the playoffs now, I'll still have to call up Fox and Mulder to investigate. Unless of course we fire him and Magini. Let the next team deal with the Brett Doppelganger. We all know the REAL Farve retired last season. TT_TT

Day 32 - Dreamweaver  

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Today's Task: 12/27

"Freud believed we could influence our dreams, so, try to focus on three things today and see if they affect your dreams tonight."

I focused on the three images in the book and had an odd dream about "the needle man" and a cape and cane. Though a balding funny man once told us "there is nothing more boring that hearing another person describe their dreams," I will now retort with a vivid and mostly non-boring description:

I was on the run. Short of breath and panting, sweat dripping from my brow, I glanced furtively over my shouldler. Nothing to the left. Nothing to the right. So I ran.

My heart seemed determine to burst from its cage and go into hiding in my shoes. Wait, I forgot to wear shoes. No time. The Needleman was coming.

I could hear his cane tapping impatiently behind me. He was close, so close I knew he could hear me breathing. I tried to hold my breath. No luck. His cape rustled overhead. I heard the dull clank of a steel metal cane tip ricochete across the fire escapes. He can fly now?!

The swift hollow sound of an owl swooping in for prey overtook my senses. I dove behind a dumpster. Held my breath and counted. 1... tap tap tap... 2... tap tap tap... He was scaring the vermin from hiding. Rapping his cane patiently with each step. Hunting me. Roaches crawled across my bare feet and I swallowed a scream.

Oh god his face. He smelled like burning plastic and the rows of teeth from the gaping hole in his head went on forever.

I woke up.


Day 31 - Nauru  

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Today's Task: 12/26

"It's Nauru Awarenesss Day; go learn about it!"

"Nauru, officially the Republic of Nauru, is an island nation
in the
Micronesian South Pacific. The nearest neighbour is Banaba Island
in the
Republic of Kiribati, 300 km due east. Nauru is the world's smallest
island nation, covering just 21
km² (8.1 sq. mi), the smallest independent republic, and the only republican state in the world without an official capital.[1]
It is the least populous member of the
United Nations."

Day 30 - Propheteer  

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Today's Task: 12/25

"Dial a random number in the phone book and give your most wordy speech encouraging conversion to your choice of faith. See how long it takes before they hang up."

I modified today's task to include ALL faiths. Besides, it's festivus-hanukah-solstice-xmas-kwanzah etc day. So we should all have fun today. :)

An Apology - 12/24  

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I am very sorry to everyone who has been waiting for me to get around to updating. I hate when I slack like this. I promise you, it will not happen again. Though I have been very sick lately and finishing up my finals for school, I should still take the 5 minutes to tell you what the day's task is at least. Otherwise, how can you participate?! And so, I will now add the missing days before this post. Today's task is simple:

"Ignore Today."

No, Benrick, I will not. Today is my catch up day. ^o^

Day 28 - Last Meal  

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Today's Task: 12/23

"If you were on death row, decide what your last meal would be, then prepare it."

Wow... one last moment to taste the delights of this world? I think I'd go with my staple from Outback/Saltgrass/RedLobster etc...

Flame Broiled NY Strip Steak, Medium

Baked Potato, fully loaded (but no chives)

Fresh tossed salad of spinach, cucumbers, roma tomatoes and shredded carrots with Italian dressing.

Mmm. I'm starving now! brb, murder. XD

Day 27 - Yes / No  

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Today's Task: 12/22

"Do not use the words yes or no today. See how long you can last."

This was pretty easy if you had by your side. :)

YES: affirmative, agreed, all right, amen, aye, beyond a doubt, by all means, certainly, definitely, even so, exactly, fine, gladly, good, good enough, granted, indubitably, just so, most assuredly, naturally, of course, okay, positively, precisely, surely, sure thing, true, undoubtedly, unquestionably, very well, willingly, without fail, yea, yep

NO: nope, not so, nay, nix, uh-uh

***apparently it is MUCH easier to be positive this day!***

Day 26 - Reincarnation  

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Today's Task: 12/21

"Decide what you want to be reincarnated as."

I would love to come back as a cherry tree. No, really.

They provide oxygen, fruit, beautiful flowers, shelter to some animals, food to others. They give beauty to the spring, inspiration to poets and lovers, set scenic backgrounds for wedding photographers and anime love scenes. They are eternal and living, ever growing and rematuring. I can't think of any other thing I would care to come back as so much as this tree.

Day 25 - Pessimism  

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Today's Task: 12/20
"Make a list of all the things you WON'T do before you die."

My 'F**k It' List:

1. I'll never regret my life.
2. I'll never destroy my children.
3. I'll never pass on love.
4. I'll never forget kindness.

Day 24 - Barter Day  

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Today's Task: 12/19

"Barter something today."

If you haven't heard the story yet, read this:

Have fun with this task. All I did was trade my time for the office xmas party.

Day 23 - Plastic Face  

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Today's Task: 12/18

"Make an obligation-free appointment with a plastic surgeon today just to see what they recommend."

I tried this out, but online. (Who has the time to run around and take time off work for frivilous doctor visits?!) They told me my nose was too big, my eyes too sallow and my cheeks entirely too perky. My lips needed poofing and my smile lines were entirely too smiley.

Total cost to look like a Mattel doll?

$23, 680.

Day 22 - Future Friend  

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Today's Task: 12/17
"Make plans to meet someone ten years from now."

[images will be uploaded later]

This task came with a neat little form setting the date, time and location for your future reunion. I have scanned and mailed mine to the selected person. :) I hope I get a signed copy back.

Day 21 - Patriotism  

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Today's Task: 12/16

"Love your country today. Or another country. Whatever, just be Patriotic!"

I love America. I really do. But not in that NRA worshipping, Biblebelt dwelling, talking to God in my RV sort of way. Not in that my-country's-better-than-yours sort of way either. I just appreciate my home and where I come from. I like having the right to be openly agnostic, to be apathetic to the plight of my fellow countrymen and the right to do the complete opposite if it moves me. I enjoy being able to live, unmarried with the man I love and both work and go to school full time following the career I've chosen for myself. I like having 20 different brands to choose from when I buy butter and I like having the choice to wear my hair, my jeans and my jewelry the way I choose. I like Spongebob Squarepants, the KungFu Channel and MonsterTV.

Oh I love traveling. And I would enjoy visiting every country in the world were it a feasible goal for me. But I DO have the Travel Channel, and Discovery, and Nat Geo. I have the unfiltered, uncensored whole of teh Internet at my fingertips. And none of this, NONE would have been possible if not for where I live and who I am. For this, I am grateful.

Thank you. To every veteran. Thank you.

Day 20 - Poetry Day  

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Today's Task: 12/15

"Contribute a line of poetry to the website -- wait that site is made of FAIL, let's just post some poetry instead!"

Yeah, forget that obsolete site, I don't need your permission to wax poetical. Copied below is an old poem of mine, a personal favorite. :) In fact, I think it's the only poem I ever bothered editting and rewriting.


as the moonlight caressed my window sill
i set forth to entrap with scroll and quill
that which has set my soul at ease,
tortures my senses as if to tease.
despite all the strength within, i lost my will.

it seemed no verse could completly capture
these sensations filling my heart with rapture.
attuned to the voices in my skull,
seeking words to decribe the state of my soul
shadows merged, my darkness fractured.

quill opened wrist, made the final connection
bled forth the truth and released my infection.
stained parchment sealed the emotions away
wound quickly healed, night dissolved into day.
eyes waken to the mind's resurrection.

a desperate smudge outline to testify
that which once bled, yet refused to die.
poetry and prose failed in wake of paint,
bittersweet droplets time shall not taint.
mocking me, waiting to dry.

i'll soon seal the message, and hope that you find
it reaches your heart, your soul, and your mind.
this burnished red scar, solid and true
everlasting testament of my feelings for you.
to express, to love, to forever remind.

Day 19 - Secret Agent  

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Today's Task: 12/14

"Live today like you're an undercover spy."

This was a bit hard to pull off considering I was at the JETS game all day. But I did sneak a few glances at the other scoreboard and watched the Dallas game (:P to you Giants fans) with that "secret" Texan part of me who still roots for her hometown teams.

Day 18 - Kill Something Day  

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Today's Task: 12/13
"Reassert your position at the top of the food chain and kill something today."

I killed fruit flies on Saturday. They are always trying to get in my house because it's warm. And they get in my tea because it's sweet. Silly fruit flies, don't you know you're supposed to like fruit? Go to Florida. :P

Day 17 - EWW!  

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Today's Task: 12/12
"Eat as much asparagus as you can and see how foul your urine gets."

You'll be glad I skipped posting this last Friday. In fact, I skipped this task all together. I hate this food so much I can only eat it if you sneak it into a sauce of some sort. BLECH!

Your feelings?

Day 16 - The Bird is the Word  

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Today's Task: 12/11

"Discreetly flip people the bird all day today."

Done and done Mr. Benrik. I do this on a daily basis, mostly on my train ride to and from work. But it's more fun just elbowing the little Chinese lady in the face while she tries to shove past people and mow down children. I'll try to reel it in and just flip her off in silent protest.

But tomorrow I'm tripping her ass.

Day 15 - Gay Day  

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Today's Task: 12/10

"Be gay for a day."

Go ahead. It's not that hard really. Just be more... aware of the same sex today.

I have a secret to confess. No, I'm not homosexual. However, everytime I meet someone who is vehemently against or full of hatred for people based solely on their sexual orientation, I wish they would fall in love with and marry a transgender person so they can experience and learn from the gray areas of life.

I honestly believe if people were more educated about biology, they would be less judgemental. Fact is, the more you learn about autism, or chemical imbalances or hormones then the more you understand that not everyone is 'wired' to like the same things. Whether it's clothing, food or partners; it's all personal taste and emotion.

If homosexuals are expected to work and pay taxes to fund our courthouses, then they should be allowed to get married in them. Equal treatment means equal treatment no matter how you slice it.

I will end this rant by reminding you that your religious right does not and never will override your oath as a lawyer, judge or doctor. If you don't believe in treating people equally based on their "sins", then you should have chosen another profession or lived in a less tolerant country. I'm pretty sure murder is a "sin" in your church too, but doctors are still expected to save their lives.

Day 14 - Flattery  

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Today's Task: 12/9

"Flatter everyone today and see if if gets you anything."

Oh my... I will have to try very hard to do this one. :/ I'm not exactly in a 'being-nice-to-strangers' mood today. Let's hope you guys have better luck than I do. Let me know if anything awesome comes of all your complimentary compliments.

Day 13 - Serial Mailer  

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Today's Task: 12/8

"Send a letter to a serial killer."

I did it.

"Dear David Berkowitz,

Hi! You don't know me but, I was just curious what that dog said to you or if that's just an overhyped piece of the hollywood version. I often think animals are trying to communicate with me, but they usually just want food or a back rub. Also, did you select the name 'Son of Sam' or was that a moniker the police and media sssigned to you? If you didn't pick it, what name did you want to go by? Thanks for your time, I hope you at least get to read alot in there.


*name withheld*"
If you want any of the addresses on this page of the book, just email me or leave a comment.

Day 12 - Your 'Type'  

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Today's Task: 12/7

"What's Your Type?"

Figure out what it is you look for in the opposite sex (or the same sex if that's what floats your boat). I've checked off and acknowledged that I like the nice guy. I actually resent and hate films which try to portray the myth of "nice guys finish last" and make it seem like nice guys never get the girl they deserve. This simply isn't true.

You nice guys just waste so much of your time and energy chasing the wrong girls that you overlook and ignore the nice girls right in front of you. Then again, the same can be said of the girls wasting their time on jerks and a**holes and overlooking the nice guys right in front of them. Point is, we're ignoring EACH OTHER and we're both to blame.

Day 11 - Stranger No More  

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Today's Task: 12/6

"Introduce yourself to someone you see every day yet never talk to."

I met the manager at our CVS since we shop there so often and he always looks so busy. I'd give the guy a hug if he didn't take it the wrong way. I keep wavering on bringing a few cards with 20's in them for the three hardest workers there.

Go out and meet someone not new today. Who knows, maybe you'll make a friend, find true love or, at least, make someone's day a little brighter.

Day 10 - Meet Jonas Day  

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Today's Task: 12/5

"Meet Jonas Day. Go to thiswebsitewillchangeyourlife and see what Jonas is up to."

Well, this task didn't work out all that well. Since the book was first published 5 years ago, I am a bit behind the times and this site now redirects to the Benrik mainsite on my sidebar. Still, if you like, you can go through the blogs on that site and meet someone new today. That's what I did. :)

Hi Michael!

Here's a random picture from the Google Imagesearch of 'Jonas, Benrik'.

Day 9 - Daybreak  

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Today's Task: 12/4

"Do something BEFORE breakfast."

This task made me laugh, though I love the idea. Fact is, I do lots "before breakfast" on a daily basis. Just this morning I:

- dressed for work
- checked my email
- caught the train
- checked turnip prices in Animal Crossing
- finished a PicCross puzzle
- replied to a PostSecret text message
- took notes on Troilus & Cressida for my English 51 paper
- ran up 3 flights of stairs to catch my second train
- clocked in
- sorted faxes
- called car service for clients
- paid our electric bill
- posted this blog


Day 8 - Addictions  

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Today's Task: 12/3

"Cut out an addiction today and see how much better you feel."

I cut out coffee and I'm already irritable. I know that's not a big deal to some of you, but it's just about the only addiction I have left besides videogames, and I'm not giving those up. Not without bloodshed.

Day 7 - Fantasy II  

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Today's Task: 12/2

"At 13:56 (2:56p) masturbate to the following fantasy..."

Yeah... Benrick has greatly underestimated the sexuality of women. It was funny, but sad. What follows on this page is a boring excerpt of dribble from the pages of a Harlequin Romance novel. Benrick, that doesn't turn women on. Hate to disappoint but it almost put me to sleep just reading that garbage.

I was more intrigued by the short piece intended for your male readers:

"Two blondes. Doing it. Together."

Why can't they be named Sven and Ivan? O_o

Day 6 - Novel Idea  

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Today's Task: 12/1

"Write the opening line for your debut novel."

I loved this task because I have three ideas floating around at the moment.

1. A fantasy novel based on a recurring dream I've had for years. It will open with the line: "I awoke to the taste of sand and blood."

2. A satire/dark comedy exploring the history of religion and faith. I have not decided how to open this book, but I know how it will end.

3. A short piece of teen fiction expanded from an old creative writing assignment. I intend to keep the opener: "My life began the day I died."