Day 5 - Social Experiment  

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Today's Task: 11/30

"Place an Out of Order sign on a piece of public property and watch the tragedy/comedy unfold."

NYC has more laws about fliering and whatnot, but since my recent protest activity has taught me what I can and cannot do, I just slipped one up on the bulletin board at school. Nothing scandalous, I know. But it's the best I can do on such short notice. Maybe if I still worked in Manhattan, I could have had more fun with this.

Day 4 - World Tour  

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Today's Task: 11/29

"Color in the world according to how you view it, or want to view it."

GREEN = Been there, done that.

BLUE = Want to go within the next year.

YELLOW = Want to visit before I die.

RED = Wouldn't want to go there, even if the trip was free.

My map is below; I hope it doesn't offend anyone. The blank or white spaces are places I have no opinion on. Basically, I would go if you invited me. :)

Day Three - Trash It  

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Day Three: 11/28

"Today, throw away something you love."

We are all packrats with something. Whether it's gifts you never use, wrapping paper from five years ago, your old bookbag from middle school or love letters from your first crush... you're holding onto something.

I chose to finally throw out my messenger back from High School. Granted, I salvaged all my buttons from the strap first, but I finally tossed it even though it's been broken for almost 10 years now.

Day Two - True Love  

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Let me start off by apologizing. I have been very sick this past week and have had little time to get online to do this blog. I have, however, been keeping up with the book. So I will either scan or take pictures of the pages themselves to catch you all up. :) This task was for 11/27, Thanksgiving Day.

Day Two: 11/27

"Today, gaze at everyone you see and wonder if they could be the love of your life."
I spent then entire day with the love of my life and his family. So I was already day dreaming about our future together and how nice it will be to have to people ove celebrating the holidays at our house. Maybe I'll be allowed to cook one year. XD

Day One - Nicknames  

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We've finally made it. Today's my birthday, so we can advance past page one starting tomorrow. :) Just to show you how far we've come, look at Day One now:

It's been a fun ride, but I'm excited to start exploring the rest of the book. So today will be the last task we do from the "Beginners" page.

Today's Task:

"Give your genetalia a pet name."

I'd tell you ours, but it's such an inside joke that only a huge ATHF fan or someone with a twisted sense of humor would get it. :)

If you can't think of anything just yet, try scrolling through this list of the suposedly worst nicknames for man meat.

Task 1K - Sandwiches  

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Today's Task:

"Try a new sandwich filling."


I am a creature of habit when it comes to eating lunch: Cracked Peppermill turkey, swiss cheeze and deli mustard on a roll. If I get a wrap, it's usually grilled chicken and mozzarella or chicken fajita (peppers/salsa/guac). Today, I will try something new. Maybe something vegetarian for a change?

If you try a new sandwich today, tell me about it. Was it good? Would you add it to your list of regulars? I'll update after lunch with my own new sandwich review.

aaaand we're back. The sandwich I had today is called the "Goodfella" and came from a place called "Bagels by the Park" here in Brooklyn. It was delicious. Liek a rolled up pepperoni pizza on italian bread. It was a bit messy and filling to go on a regulars list, but the next time I'm craving a chicken parm, I'll snag one of these instead.

Task 1J - Greetings Stranger  

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Today's Task:

"Say yo instead of hello."

In fact, if you already say "yo" or if you don't say "hello", or if, like me, you work in an environment which frowns upon the urban uniqueness of a hardy "yo!" then you should just try mixing up your usual greeting whatever it is.

As for myself, I am going to revert back to my days as a freshman at Texas A&M University. During 'Howdy Week' we greeted everyone with a cheerful Howdy! in place of the usual salutations. I always love how people up here react to a "Howdy" like friendship and kindness are alien to them; it's adorable.

Task 1I - Insects  

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Today's Task:

"Insult an insect."

Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! I mean just look at those awesome wings, those cool.. thingies. This insect looks pretty darn cool up close. I guess I'll have to extend my insults beyond Google Image Search and find some creepy crawlies outside. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get bit by an insect worthy of both insult and death.

Bring it on bugs!

Task 1H - Fantasy  

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Today's Task:

"Have a fantasy about your partner."
This is a fun one! And even if you don't have anyone in your life just yet, fantasize about the person you would most desire. Someone who stirs those deepest of emotions from you. Everytime I see my boyfriend today, I am making a point to eyeball him as if it's a secret crush. hehehe... The best way to respark any relationship is to revive it from the first day you met. Reinspire those flirtatious feelings of uncertainity and hope.
Bring the love back into your life!

Task 1G - White Lie  

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Today's Task:

"Whisper a white lie when no one's listening."

This one is actually kind of fun if you continue to do it all day. Whenever you are alone, lie to yourself. Tell yourself you're Batman in the shower. Whisper your dreams as facts over your morning coffee. You can be the president between stop lights, an astronaut in the bathroom and even win the lottery while taking out the trash.

If you keep telling yourself these little lies throughout the day, see if one of them becomes a fact.

Task 1F - Hunger  

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Yes yes... I missed out on yesterday. But to defend myself, I had the flu and still have the flu and will continue to have the flu because it's mother nature's gift to me every year around my birthday. But that brings me to Today's Task:

"Go on a one-minute hunger strike."

I hate to admit it, but I picked this one because it's very easy to do when your appetite is destroyed by bouts of sneezing and coughing. It made me wonder though, while I was searching for an image other than skeletal ethiopians being eyed by vultures, what would I ever REALLY go on a hunger strike for.

How about you? Is there any cause or person or event you'd starve yourself for to prove a point? I could assume all anorexics are political activists quietly telling the world to stop judging them by their body image or I could just be overly optomistic.

In reality, when was the last time someone swayed your opinion by refusing to eat? It didn't work as a kid and it doesn't work as adults either. I don't think submitting myself to slow, painful suicide would really teach anyone a "lesson" whether it was anti-fur, anti-abortion or freeing Tibet. None of those things can be affected by my death.


Task 1E - Time  

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Today's Task:

"Set all your clocks to exactly the right time."

Today's task was actually a challenge for me, but it seemed like the right thing to do since Daylight Savings just ended two weeks ago.

I set my watch according to my phone which auto sets. I left my alarm clock set 10 minutes ahead because I like getting up early and thinking I'm late. I set the stove and the microwave but forgot how to reset the coffeemaker. My cable box is off by ten minutes, but it's automatically set so I have no control over it. Same goes for my work computer which I don't have admin rights to reset nor do I have permission to leave early and blame it on said PC which consistently tells me my lunch break and end of shift were 15 minutes prior. My home PC auto reset itself a week early so I just let the world catch up.

And my Nintendo DS is an hour ahead so that I can play Animal Crossing on my way to work without missing out on the store opening at 8am in-game time. Yes, I am that nerdy.

If you have also decided to take on today's challenge, goodluck tracking down the guys at NORAD/NASA who decide what time it "really" is in your area.

Task 1D - Toes  

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Today's Task:

"Decide which one of your toes is the prettiest."

I'm going with the big toe on my right foot. It's never been beat up or ugly looking and has survived 7 years of running, physical training and a childhood worth of climbing trees and walking on hot asphalt barefoot.

If you suffer from the peculiar phobia which makes you unable to stand the site of bare feet, take today's task as a small step towards overcoming your fear. They are your feet. The feet your mother and father gave you. The feet your particular God(s) blessed you with. Look at them, keep them clean, pamper yourself with a foot massage and embrace the most abused part of your body. Without those toes, you'd be immobilized and unable to do so many of the things you enjoy.

Have Fun!

Task 1C - Middle Name  

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Today's Task:

"Tell someone your middle name."

Well, world, my middle name is Catherine. It is a Greek name which means "pure" or "pure one". My mother gave it to me because she wanted to curse me with the most snooty, regal sounding name imaginable. I, of course, hope I am making that part up. My entire name, when translated means "Pure Princess of the Tree People" which explains why my first screen name was treeprincess and confused the hell out of many people who knew me as anything but a tree hugging hippie. I have shortened the name to Sarah Kate as a pen-name for most of my poetry since 6th grade and still use the 'SK' to sign my paintings and sketches to this day. And yes, I know it's spelled with a 'C' on my birth certificate, but the 'K' is more fun to draw than a half circle.

If you would like to find background information on your own middle name or any of them for that matter, I highly recommend this site:

Have fun today and enjoy your weekend!

Task 1B - Ear Switch  

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Today's Task:

"Hold the phone up to your other ear."

Sounds easy enough. So far, 2 hours in and I have had a little trouble fighting my natural instinct to answer the phone to my right ear. It doesn't help that the phone is on the right side of my desk. I will relocate it and see if this helps.

Go ahead and try it yourself. The next time your phone rings at home, work or even your cellular, take a second to pause and consciously place the phone to your OTHER ear. See how many times you can pull this off today. I've found that having something in your right/left hand will help prevent you putting the phone to that ear. :)

Good Luck!

Task 1A - WPM  

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But there are still 13 days until my birthday, so, in order to keep this on time with my birthday, I will do 14 of the options listed for Day One so that the last task will land on November 26th.

Book Front Inner Cover

Today's Task:

"Increase your typing speed by 3 WPM."

Done! This task was actually quite fun and easy to do. Since I spend the majority of my work/school/recreation time on a computer, I chose the easiest task to do first. Anyone who would like to try this, just go to and give it a try. :) Best of luck, and have fun!

14 Days Til Launch  

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Well? What WOULD you do?
-> I would lock myself in the congressional library and read every book ever written.

15 Days Until Launch  

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Happy Veteran's Day to all of the brave men and women who have laid their lives on the line for our country both in our past and currently. I have great respect for each of you. To my brother, Joseph, and his new baby girl, I hope that you can spend more time with her soon. As soon as we withdraw from this pointless struggle you can come back home to all of us. I love you.

Special thanks to the One Minute Writer for his inspiration for today's post!

16 Days Til Launch!  

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If you would like to play along or share your own stories as well, you can get the book now before the blog launches. If you find this blog after it's begun, you can still join in at any time.