Day 92: Last Will and Testament  

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Today's Task: 2/25

"Write your will."

Too many people wait until the literal last moment to compose their wills. As a result, greedy relatives end up filing lawsuits and lawyers fill their pockets. Spare your loved ones this fate by setting up a simple form to apportion your worldly goods. Worry about your fancy will later. This one is just in case something sudden an unexpected happens. Afterall, you never know.

I appreciate the idea behind this. And had I any "worldly goods" I would surely dispense them evenly. I made a list of my family members. I made an even shorter list of my "stuff". It's not all that debatable at this point. Is this just a "problem" for rich people? I mean, all of my "assests" have a clear owner should I pass away.

Maybe Jorge would steal my book collection but I can't think of anything else worth fighting over...

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