Day 79: Daily Expert  

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Today's Task: 2/12

"Become an expert on today's news."

The goal is that by midnight tonight you will know more about today's news than anyone else. Read the papers, search the news groups. Read. Read. Read. Here's a quick list of some of today's facts that you can find and memorize. (I'll fill them in as I find them today.)

- Weather in Zambia today is... cloudy and in the mid 70s.
- The number of wars in progress today is... about 35 though some sources claim as many as 65.
- World population today (at 9:08 am EST) is... 6,760,060,640
- Sports team who won is... UNC beat Duke
- Current celebrity scandal is... Chris v. Rhianna in a post-Grammy brawl
- Jerry Springer topic today is... "Woman Cheats on Husband"
- Number of astronauts in space today... 17
- Lottery results in Colorado today...
5 10 22 45 49. Powerball:. 37. Power Play:. 2.
- Moon-Earth distance (at 9:08 am EST) is... 385,087 km
- Leo horoscope... "Your eagerness to aggressively defend your perspective can complicate things even more. Don't be so quick to fight for your beliefs."
- Number of birthdays today is... ~4 Billion

If you find anything interesting today, share it. :)

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