Task 1D - Toes  

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Today's Task:

"Decide which one of your toes is the prettiest."

I'm going with the big toe on my right foot. It's never been beat up or ugly looking and has survived 7 years of running, physical training and a childhood worth of climbing trees and walking on hot asphalt barefoot.

If you suffer from the peculiar phobia which makes you unable to stand the site of bare feet, take today's task as a small step towards overcoming your fear. They are your feet. The feet your mother and father gave you. The feet your particular God(s) blessed you with. Look at them, keep them clean, pamper yourself with a foot massage and embrace the most abused part of your body. Without those toes, you'd be immobilized and unable to do so many of the things you enjoy.

Have Fun!

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November 17, 2008 at 12:21 PM

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