Task 1E - Time  

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Today's Task:

"Set all your clocks to exactly the right time."

Today's task was actually a challenge for me, but it seemed like the right thing to do since Daylight Savings just ended two weeks ago.

I set my watch according to my phone which auto sets. I left my alarm clock set 10 minutes ahead because I like getting up early and thinking I'm late. I set the stove and the microwave but forgot how to reset the coffeemaker. My cable box is off by ten minutes, but it's automatically set so I have no control over it. Same goes for my work computer which I don't have admin rights to reset nor do I have permission to leave early and blame it on said PC which consistently tells me my lunch break and end of shift were 15 minutes prior. My home PC auto reset itself a week early so I just let the world catch up.

And my Nintendo DS is an hour ahead so that I can play Animal Crossing on my way to work without missing out on the store opening at 8am in-game time. Yes, I am that nerdy.

If you have also decided to take on today's challenge, goodluck tracking down the guys at NORAD/NASA who decide what time it "really" is in your area.

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