Task 1C - Middle Name  

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Today's Task:

"Tell someone your middle name."

Well, world, my middle name is Catherine. It is a Greek name which means "pure" or "pure one". My mother gave it to me because she wanted to curse me with the most snooty, regal sounding name imaginable. I, of course, hope I am making that part up. My entire name, when translated means "Pure Princess of the Tree People" which explains why my first screen name was treeprincess and confused the hell out of many people who knew me as anything but a tree hugging hippie. I have shortened the name to Sarah Kate as a pen-name for most of my poetry since 6th grade and still use the 'SK' to sign my paintings and sketches to this day. And yes, I know it's spelled with a 'C' on my birth certificate, but the 'K' is more fun to draw than a half circle.

If you would like to find background information on your own middle name or any of them for that matter, I highly recommend this site:

Have fun today and enjoy your weekend!

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