Day 21 - Patriotism  

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Today's Task: 12/16

"Love your country today. Or another country. Whatever, just be Patriotic!"

I love America. I really do. But not in that NRA worshipping, Biblebelt dwelling, talking to God in my RV sort of way. Not in that my-country's-better-than-yours sort of way either. I just appreciate my home and where I come from. I like having the right to be openly agnostic, to be apathetic to the plight of my fellow countrymen and the right to do the complete opposite if it moves me. I enjoy being able to live, unmarried with the man I love and both work and go to school full time following the career I've chosen for myself. I like having 20 different brands to choose from when I buy butter and I like having the choice to wear my hair, my jeans and my jewelry the way I choose. I like Spongebob Squarepants, the KungFu Channel and MonsterTV.

Oh I love traveling. And I would enjoy visiting every country in the world were it a feasible goal for me. But I DO have the Travel Channel, and Discovery, and Nat Geo. I have the unfiltered, uncensored whole of teh Internet at my fingertips. And none of this, NONE would have been possible if not for where I live and who I am. For this, I am grateful.

Thank you. To every veteran. Thank you.

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