Day 15 - Gay Day  

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Today's Task: 12/10

"Be gay for a day."

Go ahead. It's not that hard really. Just be more... aware of the same sex today.

I have a secret to confess. No, I'm not homosexual. However, everytime I meet someone who is vehemently against or full of hatred for people based solely on their sexual orientation, I wish they would fall in love with and marry a transgender person so they can experience and learn from the gray areas of life.

I honestly believe if people were more educated about biology, they would be less judgemental. Fact is, the more you learn about autism, or chemical imbalances or hormones then the more you understand that not everyone is 'wired' to like the same things. Whether it's clothing, food or partners; it's all personal taste and emotion.

If homosexuals are expected to work and pay taxes to fund our courthouses, then they should be allowed to get married in them. Equal treatment means equal treatment no matter how you slice it.

I will end this rant by reminding you that your religious right does not and never will override your oath as a lawyer, judge or doctor. If you don't believe in treating people equally based on their "sins", then you should have chosen another profession or lived in a less tolerant country. I'm pretty sure murder is a "sin" in your church too, but doctors are still expected to save their lives.

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