Day 20 - Poetry Day  

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Today's Task: 12/15

"Contribute a line of poetry to the website -- wait that site is made of FAIL, let's just post some poetry instead!"

Yeah, forget that obsolete site, I don't need your permission to wax poetical. Copied below is an old poem of mine, a personal favorite. :) In fact, I think it's the only poem I ever bothered editting and rewriting.


as the moonlight caressed my window sill
i set forth to entrap with scroll and quill
that which has set my soul at ease,
tortures my senses as if to tease.
despite all the strength within, i lost my will.

it seemed no verse could completly capture
these sensations filling my heart with rapture.
attuned to the voices in my skull,
seeking words to decribe the state of my soul
shadows merged, my darkness fractured.

quill opened wrist, made the final connection
bled forth the truth and released my infection.
stained parchment sealed the emotions away
wound quickly healed, night dissolved into day.
eyes waken to the mind's resurrection.

a desperate smudge outline to testify
that which once bled, yet refused to die.
poetry and prose failed in wake of paint,
bittersweet droplets time shall not taint.
mocking me, waiting to dry.

i'll soon seal the message, and hope that you find
it reaches your heart, your soul, and your mind.
this burnished red scar, solid and true
everlasting testament of my feelings for you.
to express, to love, to forever remind.

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