Day 33 - Paranormal  

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Today's Task: 12/28

"Be on the lookout for the paranormal today."

Well, I was at a Jets game for most of my day. The weather was oddly nice for late December. A little TOO nice. And the Dolphin fans were everywhere. No way they all flew up to NY from Miami. There were just too many of them. And they seemed impervious to chants of "Ass-Hole! Aaaaaass-hooooole!" Like they had some sort of audioshield up.

And then the game. Oh the game! Brett must have been possessed by one of those body snatchers from Miami. He kept throwing the ball to the wrong team. Though we're already out of the playoffs now, I'll still have to call up Fox and Mulder to investigate. Unless of course we fire him and Magini. Let the next team deal with the Brett Doppelganger. We all know the REAL Farve retired last season. TT_TT

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