Day 32 - Dreamweaver  

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Today's Task: 12/27

"Freud believed we could influence our dreams, so, try to focus on three things today and see if they affect your dreams tonight."

I focused on the three images in the book and had an odd dream about "the needle man" and a cape and cane. Though a balding funny man once told us "there is nothing more boring that hearing another person describe their dreams," I will now retort with a vivid and mostly non-boring description:

I was on the run. Short of breath and panting, sweat dripping from my brow, I glanced furtively over my shouldler. Nothing to the left. Nothing to the right. So I ran.

My heart seemed determine to burst from its cage and go into hiding in my shoes. Wait, I forgot to wear shoes. No time. The Needleman was coming.

I could hear his cane tapping impatiently behind me. He was close, so close I knew he could hear me breathing. I tried to hold my breath. No luck. His cape rustled overhead. I heard the dull clank of a steel metal cane tip ricochete across the fire escapes. He can fly now?!

The swift hollow sound of an owl swooping in for prey overtook my senses. I dove behind a dumpster. Held my breath and counted. 1... tap tap tap... 2... tap tap tap... He was scaring the vermin from hiding. Rapping his cane patiently with each step. Hunting me. Roaches crawled across my bare feet and I swallowed a scream.

Oh god his face. He smelled like burning plastic and the rows of teeth from the gaping hole in his head went on forever.

I woke up.


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