Day 137: Nibbled Nightmares  

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Today's Task: 4/11

"Start a week long journey of cheese-dream tests. Eat a different cheese each night right before bed and record your dreams the next morning. See if the cheese->dream theory holds up."

This post will be updated as I try this:
  • Saturday, 4/11: Swiss. I dreamt of something violent. John says I was yelling. I don't remember any of it.
  • Sunday, 4/12: Blue Cheese. I dreamt of Maple Story. I think I need to cut back on how long I play the game.
  • Monday, 4/13: Cheddar. I dreamt of the dirty dishes and my dishwasher trying to eat them.
  • Tuesday, 4/14: Mozzeralla. I dreamt of being trapped at work and unable to leave. I woke up in a panic and dreaded coming in this morning.
  • Wednesday, 4/15: Cream Cheese. I dreamt of being trapped in Maple Story as a character and unable to delete people from my Buddy List. Annoying people who want me to train them. NOooooooOOOoooOOOooo...

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haha this was funny. I like the idea of your blog and I'm glad you are sticking to it.

April 16, 2009 at 11:07 AM

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