Day 135: Subtext  

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Today's Task: 4/9

"Learn to Read Between the Lines."

Whether it's a finacial contract or a social conversation, learning to wade through life's subtext may prove useful one day.
  • That line that says "additional fees may be incurred" means you wil be charged for the "convenience" of everything from shipping to surcharges.
  • The girl who tells you she'd "rather not work" even though she doesn't have children is a golddigger looking for someone to support her.
  • That guy who says he's "not ready for commitment" is seeing someone else and hasn't decided who he likes more.
  • The boss who says a job was "tailored for your unique talents" means no one else wanted to do it.

Today's the day to stop getting walked on. It's also the day to be direct with others. You've translated their subtext, now sit back and decode your own.

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