Day 134: 1337 #@x0r  

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Today's Task: 4/8

"Hack something."

hack (v.) - To alter or gain access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization. To obtain or use something beyond its original intent.

This site is an interesting site: which may or may not show you how to do some things which may or may not save you money or be legal. It's up to you. Don't do anything you feel unsure about.

As much as I'd love to hack into the web design of Scientology's front page and publish all the documents they keep hidden from the public like the Xenu story or their direct connection to and ownership of groups like ABLE, Applied Scholastics and NARCONON. But I don't fancy myself a prison personality. So, instead, I'll just keep publishing this information elsewhere and "hack" the real world instead.

I'll keep talking as long as someone will listen.

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