Day 99: Empathy  

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Today's Task: 3/4

"Teach yourself empathy and learn about the suffering of someone you've never met. Try to put yourself in their shoes for one day."

I like this task. Though I modified it a bit from the book (anyone who has the book will know why), I still think you can learn a valuable lesson in empathy without having to turn it into a religious experiment.

I have been worrying about the homeless a lot this past week. Mainly because it's so cold outside and I know they don't have a heater to go home and complain about being "too high" like I do. It's incredibly humbling when I stop and think about it. Though I have done several things in my past to try and help clothe or feed the homeless in San Antonio, I've never done anything up here in NYC for them.

Today, I will actually reach out and do something... Bring me your 'cold and huddled masses' and I will give them food and a blanket. :)

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