Day 141: Birdcatching  

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Today's Task: 4/15 (Happy Tax Day! -_^)

"Build a bird's nest or get a feeder and lure some photo-friendly wildlife into your yard."

I love this task. I'm not sure what kind of birds I can get here in Brooklyn, probably pigeons or seagulls since we're so close to the water. My mom has hummingbirds in her backyard in Texas because she's had a feeder and garden out there for as long as I can remember.

If you would like to do this task, step one would be to identify the local birds and see what kind of bird your planning on luring into your yard and taking in as tenets. Then, once you know how big they are and where they like to nest (not mention what months they'll be hanging around the neighborhood) then it's time to construct a nestbox. There is a simple guide here which can be adjusted to size depending on your species of choice.

Good luck! And, as always, have fun.

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