Day 97: Sarah'n Rap  

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Today's Task: 3/2 (Happy March!)

"Write a rap."

It's easy once you get the word flow going. Just write what you know, what you feel. Keep it natural, keep it raw and, if you think you've written a masterpiece feel free to give yourself a big break. Send the demo to:

Death Row Records
PO Box 3037
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

***as a response to the top image, I do not think all rap songs are riddled with cuss words. I think they are just over editted on TV because the tight-lipped conservatives at the FCC still think words have "evil powers" and should be editted. I also think it's dumb that the N word is bleeped out in music, but "Cracker" and "Whitey" are not. Just stop editting people and let them express themselves already. It's 2009... -_- ***

I don't fancy myself hip or talented enough to drop a new rap album on the market. But, in the style of beatniks and bards before me, I do consider myself a poet.

The city's covered in snow

and I know I won't go

If I don't have to go

where you want.

Chem's a joke anyway

since we can't play

at least not the way

I want.

So please speak English

if you wanna teach this

you'll never reach us

like that.

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Yo Sarah,
A new era,
Of rappin',
You're unwrappin',
With your crazy beat
Makes me wanna tap my feet
And nod my head,
Wear out my threads,
Bumping and grinding,
In the spotlight so blinding,
That your words are casting;
Your lyrics are out lasting
My ability to rhyme,
So I guess it's time
For me to leave with a shout,
Before you cast me out...
So peace!

*crazy record scratching*

- DJ Marc :)

March 2, 2009 at 11:42 PM

Yo that was dope!

That is what the kids are saying now, right? Dope?


March 3, 2009 at 8:52 AM

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