Day 126: Consumer Rights  

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Today's Task: 3/31

"Enforce your Consumer Rights today and fight the system."

First, read up:

Then, if you feel you have been wronged in any way by any business, today is the day to get even and voice your complaint. Whether it's a coupon they didn't take, a defective product, false advertising or just plain old-fashioned swindling, you do not have to stand for it. Know your rights. They should never be an "inconvenience" to you.

If taxpayers are expected to "bail out" companies who cannot run their businesses properly, then we better start standing up for our expectations. If Ford is getting a bailout, then I want environmentally friendly vehicles from them. If the MTA here in NY wants to hike fares then they better provide on-time service and clean the stations.

Too many companies are used to getting something for nothing (and in some cases, becoming monopolies who are allowed to get away with near-criminal price gouging). Get a return on your investment today. Speak up and make a difference.

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