Day 122: Parrot Pal  

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Today's Task: 3/27

"Go to your local pet store and teach the parrot there to say something you have been dying to say yourself."

This sounds like a fun task to do. Unfortunately, the birds in pet stores, usually ignore me. If I really wanted to train a parrot to say all the subconcious things I never utter aloud, I'd have to buy one. If I feed them and take care of the bird, they'll probably be more willing to take instruction from and want to mimic me. Then I can grow even one step closer to being a full fledged pirate. yarrrrr...

For instruction on training your parrot to talk see this link.

You can also have the same fun with a cockatoo as I have been witness to my dad's birds singing the Barney "I love you, you love me" song back in California. It can be done if you repeat something enough.

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This is awesome! I started following your other blog- I just wanted to let you know I LOVED your last entry at P,P,&P! Wonderful writing! Sigh.

March 27, 2009 at 5:34 PM

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