Day 118: Secret Stalker  

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Today's Task: 3/23

"Confront your secret stalker today."

In today's interconnected society of MySpace, FaceBook and the infinite blogosphere, it's common to find old friends, acquaintances and exes secretly stalking you online. Today, confront them. Tell that ex that you are over them and there is no chance you'll get back together. Tell your parents to call you instead of msging you. Tell your best friend you know you weren't invited to her party because she read that post where you made fun of her new haircut.

Dear ____ :

I know you read my blog. No, I do not have proof, I have instinct and that's all that matters here. You probably think I'd be mad if I knew you were checking up on me and essentially cyber spying. I'm not mad. I never was. You just blew everything out of proportion and got so upset that I could no longer deal with you rationally. I understand and I really do mean that, I know where you were coming from. But the way things are now, I think we both know we're so much happier than we were back then. Drop me a note sometime. I don't bite. And I don't hold grudges. You know me, I have a terrible memory. :)


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