Day 107: Globalization Day  

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Today's Task: 3/12

"Surf the web or your favorite chat spots and meet someone new on the other side of the world."

Done and done. I have already met so many amazing people all over the world because of internet forums, gaming and chat rooms. This post is for all of you! To Petros in Greece. To Ken in Ireland. To Mike in England. To Fi and Don in Australlia. To Eddie in Japan. To so many of the nameless and faceless authors whose writing I have devoured over the last decade, thank you. To all the artists on DeviantArt who continue to inspire me, thank you. To all the photographers on Flickr whom I'll never meet, keep loving life. To all the musicians who keep friending me on MySpace, keep chasing your dreams.

And to my best friend and my love whom I would never have met if not for that tiny little anime forum; Otaku Vengeance. I love you.

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