Day 46 - Belated Bdays  

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Today's Task: 1/10

"Write down all those important birthdays in your life so you won't forget them."

Today's task was kinda "meh" but that's because I already keep a calendar full of birthdays and even remember many I'm not really supposed to anymore. I rememebr my ex-best friend's birthday. I remember an ex-boyfriend who taught me all about the wonders of 235 and I remember the two birthdays of ex-bf's whose birthdays both surround the birthday of my current SO. And I even remember the birthdays of my dad, my stepdad (who shares his bday with my mom), both my stepmoms and all of my brothers.

I found this list of excuses pretty cute, though. Just in case any of us ever do forget someone's special day.

Today's random fact: The most important religious holiday to a Satanist is his birthday. Since the religion centers on nihlism more than anything "supernatural", it seems only fitting. So next time you want to take your birthday off of work, just tell 'em you're a Satanist. XD

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