Day 45 - Compliments II  

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Today's Task: 1/9

"In the spirit of romance, find a new way to tell someone you think they are just awesome."

This task is great prep for those of you wringing your hearts and hands over that perfect Valentine's sentiment for next month. Like Napoleon Dynamite above, just speak from your heart. Even if you stumble, if your heart's desire hangs around long enough to hear all of it, they'll know how you feel. If all else fails, those three magic words could just be spiced up in the tongue of your ancestors' roots.

However, I would avoid these back-handed compliments at all costs:
It's okay if you can't cook, hon, we both need to eat less anyway.
I like a man who can cry, you feel like one of my sisters.
I think it's great that we never communicate; it gives me more time to read.

To John: You've tamed me and kept me in line without suffocating who I am. For this, I love you.

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Funny, I was just browsing through spoken word performances on YouTube and the last one I watched before I came over here was 'Compliment' by Rives.

The best line is:

You're like a sunflower growing in the courtyard of an old folk's home. You mean things to people on a daily basis.

Totally worth watching the whole thing if you have the chance - the version with guitar is easiest to hear.

January 9, 2009 at 2:11 PM

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