Day 41 - Sir Not Appearing in this Blog  

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Today's Task : 1/5

"Apply for Knighthood"
You can try this site which claims it is a "Holy Order" and that the process for knighthood is "easy"... or you can simply do it the old fashioned way and send in a hand-written letter. That or become a platinum album musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Maybe the Queen will take notice. O_o

My letter:

British Prime Minister
c/o The Prime Minister's Office
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I am writing in request of attaining knighthood. I believe my glorious life and royally connected blood afford me such rights. My tasks of amazement are listed below in no particular order though I am sure you will find no need to arrange them as each is equal in awesomeness.

* I have memorized the lyrics to over 90 percent of every song I've ever heard. Even the songs I dislike. My memory is unbiased in this regard and this makes me almost saintly.

* I have studied over five languages and consider myself a learned scholar of the world seeing as how there are only six or seven languages in the world worth learning. Hence, I am more efficent than the Pope in this regard.

* As an English major, I have a profound respect for the language of Her Royal Majesty as well as having attained a deep understanding of the dry, bitter humor called English wit.

* My name is awesome. To add Sir to the beginning would not only compound its awesomeness, it would further confuse people as to my gender. Anything which confuses the masses is Grade A in my book.

Yours in consideration,
Miss Sarah Catherine Sebastian Ashworth

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