Day 102: Tax Freedom Day  

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Today's Task: 3/7

"Be Free and celebrate Tax Freedom Day!"

Technically, since I started the book in November instead of on January 1st, Tax Freedom Day 2009 isn't until mid-April, but it's a good thing to educate yourself about it today. Basically, it's the day where your average American has worked enough to JUST pay their taxes. So every day you work after that day is all for you! It generally falls around the 102nd day of the year (March-April) and depends, obviously, on your personal income level. The formula is here for all you math whiz kids who want to know when your personal day of freedom is:

Annual Income / 365 = avg $ earned each day

Estimated 2009 taxes (federal/state/etc) / daily avg earned = days until you are tax free

My Tax Freedom Day for 2009 will be March 20th. Granted I don't pay as much because I'm single, childless and get some sort of going-to-school-full-time-and-paying-for-it refund as well. My mom's will probably fall in late April knowing how much she's stuck paying for. :/

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