Day 50 - LOOK AT ME!  

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Today's Task: 1/14

"Make people notice you today."

Okay, though I'm usually the face-in-the-crowd kind of girl. I'm giving this one a try. I'm going to let my hair down today at work, something I only did at the Holiday Party and haven't done since. Maybe it'll work. If not, I may have to resort to one of the many interesting suggestions given by the author:

  • Keep one eye shut all day
  • Don't shave
  • Have money sticking out of your pockets
  • Talk crap non-stop
  • Leave money lying around
  • Wear a tall hat
  • Wear a crown
  • Carry a midget under your left arm
  • Whistle out of tune
  • Read the newspaper upside-down
  • Walk sideways, crab-like
  • Glue a spatula to your arm

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