Day 145: Urban Myth  

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Today's Task: 4/19

"Start an Urban Myth."

It's pretty simple to fool the masses through email nowadays. Just head to this list at Snopes and tell me how many of those emails you got and believed. On top of that, how many of you still recieve those emails? I get at least one a week. Now, I'm not going to reply with the appropriate Snopes link. Now I'm just going to embellish the story and enhance it's veracity.

Making up an Urban Myth is simple:
1. Place it during a setting that the average American can relate to (cooking, babysitting, office jobs, cleaning the house, washing the car etc.)
2. Blame an irresponsible, ill-prepared person who "if only they had read this email" would have been fine.
3. Blame something people already distrust: large corporations, drug use, teenagers, politicians, criminals etc.
4. Have science back it up by throwing in some psuedo realistic sounding reference to chemicals, police reports or physical evidence.
5. If you can photoshop an image for the myth, it'll be thrice as believeable. You can even find a scary picture and just make up a story for it.
One night, about 20 yars ago. I had a baby sitter who was evil. And a little brother who was perfect and sweet. But then that .. that woman, she duct taped him to a wall. And she didn't know it at the time but there are tetrahydrochlorines in the adhesive component of duct tape. It's the same component in cigarettes that eats through skin. And infants are highly suscepitble to its toxins. My brother died a day later. It was horrible. And unexepected. KEEP DUCT TAPE AWAY FROM YOUR KIDS!!!

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You are a wonderful, evil genius and I love you! Brilliant. Truly.

September 8, 2009 at 9:40 PM

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